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Workers Compensation and Liability Claim Management

Broadspire offers a comprehensive, integrated approach to workers compensation and liability claim management. Our service model applies a standardized, streamlined and strategic process designed to shorten claim duration and reduce overall claim costs, while at the same time helping to ensure that your employees receive the medical care they need to enable a healthy return to work. By combining web-based advanced software with our strategic plans of action, we quickly identify and counteract issues that delay claim closure.

Claim Management At-A-Glance
  • Coordinate national and international account claim handling activities for every claim office to help promote consistent performance
  • Provide fair, prompt and courteous service by adhering to published service standards
  • Prepare detailed plans to control the disposition of claims
  • Maximize claim recoveries from subrogation, salvage and second-injury funds
  • Consult with clients at defined points in the decision-making process
  • Expertise includes IIA course work and specialized education in legal, medical, negotiation and subrogation techniques
  • Contain medical costs through highly coordinated and proprietary medical and cost containment programs
Service Overview
Auto/General Liability Claims services designed to meet the demands of liability cases.
e-Triage Decision-support system that helps identify complications, recommend actions for claim management.
ISO ClaimSearch Collects claim information to identify claimant history.
Litigation Work directly with attorneys to develop strategies to help bring cases to cost-effective resolutions.
Medicare Set-Aside Coordinate medicare and workers compensation benefits.
RMIS Industry-leading RMIS to manage, report and forecast losses.
Second Injury Trust Fund Offsets employer liability when a previous medical condition hinders or prevents an employee’s recovery.
Special Investigation Unit Investigation, identification and prosecution of cases that involve fraud.
Structured Settlements Claims professionals negotiate an agreement to pay benefits over time, often resulting in substantial savings.
Subrogation Recovery Aggressive pursuit of subrogation from responsible parties.
Teleplus System Convenient, easy-to-use claim reporting center to simplify the reporting process.
Workers Compensation Services designed to ease the negative impact of workers compensation claims.

Broadspire’s reputation for professionalism and integrity is supported by our code of conduct and superior service standards. Contact us to learn more.

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