Claim Management

Broadspire offers a comprehensive approach to workers compensation, liability, property, disability and leave claim management services. Our service model applies a streamlined, strategic process designed to reduce overall claim costs for clients. Through innovative technologies and our strategic plans of action, we quickly identify and counteract issues that delay claim closure.


Highlights of Our Service Offering

  • Claim Management: We coordinate national and international account claim handling activities for every claim office to help promote consistent performance.
  • Total Property Solution: Broadspire offers a total property TPA solution that is unmatched in the market today. By combining our extensive experience with our best-in-class global resources, we are able to handle property  claims of nearly any type, size and complexity. For all matters property related, we are your trusted partner to get your claims into the right hands and handled with the right expertise.
  • Disability and Leave Claim Management: We’ve developed a better way to help employees back to productive work and to assist employers with controlling overall disability and leave costs. Our service model includes administrative solutions to employers enabling them to decrease liability risks and loss costs.
  • TelePlus Intake: Broadspire’s TelePlus system is a convenient, easy-to-use claim reporting center to report workers compensation, automobile and general liability claims. Offering service 24/7/365 with disaster recovery backup, TelePlus is as reliable as it is convenient. 
  • Litigation Management: Broadspire’s TPA claims professionals are a crucial part of the legal process. They work directly with the attorneys to develop strategies to help bring cases to cost effective resolutions. A smoother process, more informed negotiations and better communications are some of the benefits of their expertise.
  • Special Investigations Unit: Broadspire delivers compassionate care to those who have truly been injured. Using “red flag indicators” and robust claim investigations Broadspire’s claim examiner’s work with the Special Investigations team to identify, investigate and prosecute fraudulent claims. Many SIU team members are former law enforcement officers experienced in fraud detection.
  • Subrogation Services: When claims occur as a result of third-party negligence, Broadspire works with highly trained specialists to aggressively pursue subrogation from all responsible parties. We maximize our recovery results by adherence to detailed standard operating procedures.