Client Academy

Designed with direct client oversight and developed with the needs of the risk management professional in mind, the Client Academy provides a centralized resource for technical training, periodicals, industry web links and other related services for insurance professionals.   Users who register for the Academy will also have access to a library of more than 40 courses that address key topics within risk management, legal environment, claims management, and medical management.

Visit Broadspire Client Academy.

Highlights of Our Services

  • Courses: Our library of more than 40 courses showcases key topics within risk management, legal environment, claims management, and medical management.  All courses include learning objectives and can be set to auto play with narration, images and diagrams.  Generally, they are less than 30 minutes and are targeted to specific topics that represent issues risk managers face daily.
  • Broadspire Library: This is an expanding resource of Broadspire news as well as an archive of the Medigram Notes and field case manager materials.
  • Client Webinars: Broadspire conducts regular information sessions for its clients on current topics regarding risk and care management.  These meetings are recorded for future reference by our clients.
  • Industry Resources: Our Client Advisory Council identified select industry sites that offer services and resources they use frequently.  For client convenience, we have added these links and will continue to grow this collection over time.
  • Video Library: The video library links the user to the Broadspire Facebook page where users can access videos posted from corporate executives and reports delivered from the floor of industry conferences.
  • White Papers: Broadspire has established a portfolio of white papers written by experts on topics that are pertinent to the industry and technical aspects of claims management.  These papers are available for review and download to our customers.
  • Custom Learning Programs: Crawford Educational Services has been providing customized learning solutions like the Broadspire Academy for more than 60 years.  Now Broadspire offers these same learning solutions for clients via classroom, virtual and online programs.  Please view a summary of these services. For more information, contact your Broadspire account executive.