Innovative Products

We continuously work to develop and deliver the industry's most relevant and effective tools. Leveraging the expertise of our multi-disciplinary staff, our broad network and our technologies, we have a wide arrary of innovative solutions to bring increased value to our clients.

Our Commitment to Continuous Improvement


Broadspire’s Original Landmark Design (BOLD) Network provides a new state-stratified, multi-tiered approach to a preferred provider organization (PPO) strategy. Instead of just trying to cast a wide net, Broadspire partners with the best network by region, industry and sometimes even by company. By contracting with local networks, we are able to include the best providers specializing in both occupational and non-occupational care in each state.

BOLD Rx Network:

This utilizes the BOLD network strategy to create a unique, smarter pharmacy network. By leveraging many partners and bringing the best of the best together, we have created a stronger and better value comprehensive pharmacy program for our clients. Rather than just partner with one pharmacy benefits management partner, as is traditionally seen in the marketplace, Broadspire has brought several together in creating our new model.

Chronic Pain:

Broadspire’s Chronic Pain Management program offers a systematic, multidisciplinary approach to addressing complex chronic pain conditions. Our Senior Nurse Reviewer works with a clinical panel that includes anesthesiologists, physiatrists, orthopedists, psychologists, psychiatrists and the claims professional to evaluate the biopsychosocial aspects of each case. Each provides their input and distinct point of view to assess the prior, current and future treatments and to find solutions on an individual basis. They recommend a treatment plan and provide resources to help the injured party deal with their pain.


Our proprietary e-Triage application helps claims professionals, case managers and medical professionals identify both the conventional medical issues and the often unseen complications early in the life of the claim. Unlike any other kind of interview system, e-Triage captures interview responses as data points and not as text boxes, leveraging more than 750 evidence-based studies to create a flow of questions that lead to a better understanding of each claim.

DME Formulary:

Broadspire’s Durable Medical Equipment (DME) formulary uses technology and clinical protocols to revolutionize the DME process. Our formulary program helps measurably reduce costs for DME and supplies, increase consistency in order processing, and provide a medically-based model that ensures employees receive appropriate care. This helps employers avoid high-priced or unnecessary items, automatically locate the most economic equivalent equipment, and ensure employees receive the appropriate care.


Home healthcare services are rendered in order to ensure that claims stay on the right track via outcome-driven, cost-effective processes. Broadspire@Home is uniquely focused on the provision of a fully integrated, coordinated approach rather than the traditional “transactional” view that focuses only on home healthcare service. This solution is especially helpful for cases requiring coordination of multiple services and cost drivers in order to provide the injured worker with multi-disciplinary care, focused and goal-oriented approach to recovery and return to work.